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Steps On How To Reuse Your Unused Notebooks

Being eco-friendly is not exhibited only by using tote bags from supermarket instead of exhausting the traditional plastic ones. We can be eco-friendly on our own by going organic in what we eat and in the cosmetics that we put in our bodies. Other than that, the love for nature can be showcased by recycling our trash. One of the problems of some students is the unused leaves of their notebooks that they had last year.

Most of them would probably burn it down or throw it out. But believe it or not, these promotional folios and notebooks from last school year can morph into something truly special. How? Here are some steps that you might execute in recycling your used notebooks and folios.

Step One. Gather all the used notebooks and folios. Take the leaves out of its spring binder and separate the ones with writings from the ones that you can still exhaust.

Step Two. File all the unused leaves. Once you have assembled everything, divide it according to the size of the notebook that you prefer. Would it be thin or thick?

Step Three. Get a brand new cover. You can still use the old ones but if you like, you can also produce your own. Just get a thicker kind of paper and cut it according to the size of the leaves. You can do paper art by using cut outs of old glossy magazines or make your own through a computer graphic software.

Step Four. If you are decided already, get some colored threads. These threads will serve as the binder of your new notebook. You can use two colors in one notebook depending on your desire.

Step Five. Laminate the cover. Don't let your draft be ruined and displaced. Use any transparent plastic cover to make the cover more sturdy and stiff.

Once you are through with everything, you can either use it for the next school year or sell it as custom promotional folio notebook. Moreover, if you don't like a new notebook, maybe you can transform it into a portfolio, a scrapbook, a slum book, a diary or whatever it is in your mind. On the other hand, the used leaves of your old notebooks can also be recycled. Try your creativity and unleash the innate artist in you by doing paper mache.

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