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Leather Goods Make Great Gifts

This is a busy gift-giving season just like the holidays! There are college graduations, high school graduations and Father's Day. It always seems like men are so much harder to buy for. He doesn't need another tie, so what are some great gift ideas? Leather wallets are traditional for Father's Day. Because men generally keep their wallets in their back pockets and sit on their wallets, they go through them so much quicker than women do. Along with traditional wallets, there are business card cases, credit card cases, trifold wallets, breast pocket wallets, bifold wallets, and credit carder wallets. You can find these products in a huge array of leathers in all price ranges. Many graduates have not had a real wallet (or real money either) so this makes a wallet the perfect graduation gift. While there are many companies making men's wallets, Dilana Leathergoods is one of the companies making these products with leather lining for durability and long wear. Their exquisite grouping of full-grain nappa leather has the look and feel of enduring quality. Their leather is soft to the touch while being strong and long lasting.

What else besides wallets? Passport cases or travel wallets are extremely handy when traveling. They hold money, your photo identification, and your boarding pass and baggage checks along with your passport. Since we are now required to carry a passport whenever we leave the United States, these travel wallets are a necessity as well as a convenience. Graduates will often travel to celebrate, making these travel wallets an ideal gift. Father's often are the one to carry all of the important and necessary papers, so these travel cases are perfect for men of all ages. Passport cases come in small models that will fit inside a mans back pocket. They also come in larger sizes that will hold everything necessary and will fit comfortably in a jacket pocket or tote bag. Dilana Leathergoods also makes a completely zippered model that keeps everything stored safe and sound. It has a very handy pocket on the outside for your boarding pass. Put his monogram on one of these and he will treasure it always.

There are many travel accessories available in leather. Tie cases will keep his ties from wrinkling inside the luggage. He will always look neat when packing in one of these. Waist packs or fanny bags are available from Dilana Leathergoods. These have a front pocket with photo ID pocket and multiple zippered compartments. Men's handbags also have a passport section zippered on the outside. These have a wrist strap or shoulder strap in leather. Toiletries must now be packed in your luggage. You can no longer put liquids and gels in your carry on luggage as we've done in the past. The only liquids you can carry on have to be in a one-quart clear plastic bag in containers of three ounces or less. A leather toiletry bag is the perfect solution. These are soft sided and always have an outside zipper for your toothbrush. Because they are unstructured, you can always find a spot for the case inside your luggage. Leather always wears the best because of its durability and strength. Dilana Leathergoods makes several models of shave kits in different sizes. They are all lined in nylon and can be wiped down to stay clean.

Pad folios make perfect gifts for anyone attending any type of meeting. It always looks professional to show up with a leather pad cover holding your notepad, pen, and some cards. These also are available in zippered models for those that carry a lot of extra papers. Going on a job interview? It makes a great impression when you take your resume out of a leather case. You can also jot notes about the job, and slide business cards into one of the convenient compartments. Dilana Leathergoods has you covered! They offer a wide selection of pad covers to please everyone. Come to think of it, you can treat yourself while buying all of those gifts!

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