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4 Leather Accessories That Women Love the Most

Women love leather accessories! They love touching leather. They love smelling it. They love wearing it. They love carrying it. Very few items in this world can claim to draw a woman in like leather.

During the past year, leather manufacturers and designers have delighted in the fact that women have chosen to buy leather in various colors, such as pink, purple, red, and yellow. Pink leather, with or without black or bark-colored trim is definitely one of their favorites.

Listed below are the latest trends in leather accessories for women.

Padfolios-the traditional size of a padfolio is 8.5 inches x 11 inches, and it contains a place for a writing tablet, a pen, and one or more pockets for business cards or other items. The padfolio got its name because it securely holds a pad of paper, and it opens up like a book, or a folio.

Document Box-a document box made out of leather is ideal for storing important or treasured papers that a woman might wish to keep all in one place. Similar to the concept of an old-fashioned cigar box, the leather document box is a classy looking container that has a hinged lid. Most document boxes are lined with suede.

Picture Frames-although digital picture frames have recently surged into the marketplace displaying the latest technology, leather picture frames seem to be favored by a select group of women who like to show off their favorite photos. Whether purchased for a woman's home or office, picture frames are normally color coordinated with other items in the room; or the frames make a design statement as they exhibit colors such as bright red, orange or the traditional black or tan.

Leather Wallets-the discerning woman loves her leather wallet. Regardless if it has a zipper, snap closure, or a soft flap that folds over, a woman's leather wallet is soft to the touch, and maintains its durability over many years. Depending upon the style of the wallet, it offers several compartments to hold money, credit cards, coupons, and other treasured notes.

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