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How to Make a Simple and Elegant Handmade Book

Once you've made one or two of these you will become addicted. They are great to make as gifts or to keep for you. In any case it's wonderful to have original little booklets in your house or purse. They can be used for journals or elegant invitations. This pamphlet or single-section book uses a 3 or 5 hole sewing method.

Paper for text: you can use handmade or commercial
Decorative paper for end papers
Card or heavy weight paper for covers
Decorative sewing threads such as embroidery thread, waxed linen, or narrow ribbon
Craft knife
Self-healing cutting mat

Basic Method:

1. Cut the paper to the size you want. Usually 8 to 10 folios (page) are enough for one book. However the number of folios depends on the weight of the paper. Thicker paper will allow fewer folios and thinner paper will allow more folios. The folios will be the pages of your book. Fold the folios in half and slip them inside each other to make a section.

2. You can place a decorative sheet of paper on the outside of the section to act as end papers. The end paper should be the same size. You can create a cover for the book with card or heavy paper approximately 2mm longer and wider than the folios. Put the cover around the outside of the folded folios.

3. The sewing begins by opening the book to the middle. Mark the center with a light pencil. Make a second pencil mark between the first mark and the top of the book. The third mark will be made between center mark and bottom of book. These become the marks for a 3 hole sewing method. This is ideal for smaller books; however if you want the book to be larger then 5 holes are required. The sewing steps are the same in both cases.

4. With an awl or sharp thick needle pierce through all pages including the cover at the 3 pencil marks.

5. Your thread should be about 3 times the height of your book. You can use embroidery thread in gold or any color that works well with your papers, or waxed linen thread. Begin sewing by inserting the needle into the center hole from the inside of the book. Pull thread through to the back and leave about 2-3 inches of thread on the inside to tie final knot. Insert needle in top hole and pull through to inside. Insert needle into the bottom hole and pull through to the back. Insert needle back into the center hole making sure the beginning and the end of the thread are on opposite sides of the long stitch that runs from the top hole to the bottom. Now tie off the ends of the thread across the long thread. The long thread stops the knot from popping out of the hole. You can also try this sewing procedure with very narrow ribbon. Instead of knot you can make a bow with long tails.

6. Now cut a piece of decorative paper the same height as your book and approximately 3-4 inches wider. Wrap the paper around the card cover and fold in the excess over the front and back at the edges. Press the folds with your bone folder to create a nice clean edge.

7. You can also reverse the whole sewing procedure by starting on the outside of the book yet following the same steps. The knot or bow will end up on the outside of the book. Then you can add pretty beads on the tail ends of the bow.If you choose this method then skip Step #6.

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